Caring for your Zombeiz

Do's and Don'ts


Do      Treat your Zombeiz with love and care - they are soft collectible plush dolls for gentle  cuddles.
Don't     Treat your Zombeiz like an action figure toy. They aren't meant to be twisted, tugged or pulled! Be nice or....they may bite or lose a body part! *winks*
Do     Cuddle and even let your Zombeiz sleep with you. I've heard they tend to be pillow hogs!  If this is an issue, then gently roll your zombie off while avoiding eye contact! Just ignore the moans & groans... they should be fine... ( I hope...*winks )
Don't     Zombeiz cannot handle the rigors of journeys like us human folk! Please don't drag them around by their head or swing them around by their body parts. They do however love to travel, snuggle and some casual fine dining!
Do     Be careful to keep your Zombeiz clean - they are quite fond of their lovely shade of color. You may gently clean them with a damp cloth and mild soap.
Don't     Put your Zombeiz in the laundry, they are not machine washable - they also aren't great swimmers, nor do they like soap in their mouth! Who does? *winks*

 Oh and Zombeiz are bit shy and tend to eat when NO one is looking!  Muwahahaha! Thier mouths are gently stitched so... you should be safe! 



 Q. How long does it take for you to create a Zombeiz doll?

 A. Typically 10 - 21 days, depending how busy the lab is. Once your Zombeiz is created and shipped, you may expect your new friend within a few days after that.


Q. What happens if my Zombeiz gets lost in the mail?

A. Zombeiz aren't known for their sense of direction or map reading skills, therefore they will be sent with USPS Priority Mail® in the United States.

UK will be sent First Class... It may take up to two - three weeks for your bundle of joy to arrive.


 Q. Will it take longer days during holiday seasons?

 A. During Halloween and Christmas you may expect extra days for your zombie to be completed :) Hint - order before holiday rushes!


Q. Can I give Zombeiz dolls to my children?

 A. Zombeiz contain small parts and are not suited for children under 6 years old or furry pets, although I love both! Zombeiz are to be cuddled...not to be drooled, sucked on or eaten! :)


Q. My Zombeiz got dirty what can I do?

 A. Dont panic but carefully clean with a dampened cloth and mild soap.


  Q. What can my Zombeiz wear?

A. Your Zombeiz will arrive with a custom made Onesie/jumper made by me. I have found *starts to whisper* that with the enormous size of their heads that it's best to dress them feet first. Meaning... shove their chunky tootsies in first through the head hole and gently pull it up to their neck and arms! Once you get your Zombeiz home you can dress them in most newborn to 1-3 months outfits. It really depends on the brand of clothing. For license issues, I don't create Onesies with Logo's of any kind. I can use team colors with a football or I create unique appliques. Once you adopt your Zombeiz you are free to dress them anyway you'd like.