Critterz Gift Card Page

Welcome to the world of Zombeiz. This page is reserved for those who already have received a Gift Certificate or an ETSY code number and are ready to create their Zombeiz! Please go to the "Adopt" page if you'd like to purchase a gift certificate.

***SPAMMERS will be deleted if CODES do not match *****

This is a custom form sheet for you to create your bundle of Zombeiz joy! Once you are finished, please ensure that all the delivery details are correct so your little one won't get lost! Your code must be entered to match mine so double check that as well. Please use a valid email because I will contact you with your shipping details once your Zombeiz is on the way! Have fun and please use the contact form if you have any concerns or questions!

 *zombie hugs* ~ Melli

( There will be no refunds of cash for the amount of the Gift Certificate ) Valid one year to the date of purchase.

*THE YEAR is OPTIONAL but I can't add that to the form - if you DON'T want the year on your re-birthday and just want the month and date - then please leave me a note in the shipping info box when you order.